A better world imagined by an eight year old

We arrive a friends house to watch the Super Bowl.  Right when we get out of the van Graeme said “I think that money should go away. So if people needed anything, we could just give them what they need.  There wouldn’t be banks, or greedy people.  If someone needed a house or something to eat we would give to them.”

A lot more of that could a long long ways couldn’t ?

The funny thing is, I don’t know where that came from.  We don’t watch the news at home.  I don’t run around the house ranting about banks and greedy people.  Well, maybe greed I do.  The fact that Graeme did that exercise in his head astounds me.  He is a budding mathematician.  Money + Love = Greed.  (Giving² + World) > ( World + Greed)  or  World – Greed + Giving² = Better World [I am not a budding mathematician as you can see.]

I’m proud of my son.  I’m proud and inspired that he too can imagine a better world.  The “hope of he world,” still has hope.  Its a long way to 30 I realized that.  My hope and prayer is that Mr. Hope Jr only continues to imagine creative and “new” ways to make this a better world.  I hope you can too.



edit: Nice, this is my 100th post on WordPress. 🙂