Newish Barna findings on Young Christians

I appreciate the Barna Group.  I enjoy sociology and one of my majors in college was from the department.  Although I don’t like doing the technical of research myself I do enjoy learning from those who do.  Here’s an article from the Barna Group that a friend shared with me.  It’s about Young Christians and what they think about the church.  It really just put numbers to many of the stories that young people have shared with me.  For those of you that like numbers, this is helpful too.  Keep moving forward church.


HT: Ryan Carrell


2 thoughts on “Newish Barna findings on Young Christians

  1. good stuff from kinnaman & barna! i’ve been reading this book & recently heard an interview with him from catalyst last fall. think it was on the catalyst pod cast. nevertheless, good insights for the church.
    i think this has some huge implications for the health of the churches longevity…now just to put into practice some things!

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