A Simple Explanation of a Missional Church +

As soon as I wrote the title I immediately wanted to change it.  I’ll get back to that after you watch the video.

A simple and creative explanation that I’d say most churches in the US need to hear/understand/walk into.

There was one thing that jumped out at me the most, and distracted me while I was watching.  The symbol of the church, the sketch of the church building.  [You can probably see this one is going. ]  Honestly, this video was probably made to teach people in a specific context a new direction or pose new questions.  In order to explain why they’re making changes, etc.  Please church, continue in that work!

Many though would see missional church at odds with institutional church.  For some it’s an oxymoron. I’m not saying that here.  Some would say “I’d rather do something different than what I’ve done.”  Here’s where I’m still landing: We’re now currently seeing the toddlerhood of a third way of church.  Or the opportunity to renew or legitimize the oldest form of church.  Which of course is micro-organic-entraperniral-churches or Neo-Acts church.  Please allow me the dashes, I don’t know how else to describe it.  The conundrum in the naming personifies it’s DNA and character.  It’s the embodiment of Jesus in all cultures, everywhere in the world.  It will take on all kinds of forms, look and “feel” different all the different places it exists.  So there’s no simple explanation.

So to me, missional church is where we all should be.  Serving and loving the people in our lives that God has put there.

So I passed this on to be helpful.  My hope is that we can remember that we’re all in the family still.  We may not agree on the style, structures, places and times, but we’re all still trying to do the same thing.  So when I move officially out of our Modern model I’ll covet the prayers of my brothers and sisters that I’ve “left.”

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  1. Great video! The only hang-up I see is that most Christians are still attending a church because of what they feel the church can do for them. Not necessarily out of a love for God or a desire to do his will. Are there really that many believers out there that are willing to take their “church” home with them? l hope so.

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