the whole blog thing

I really enjoy this blogging thing. But it’s a discipline. Just like everything else in life worth having or doing in life. That is not my natural way. I just want to travel where my feelings take me. That is not always been good. It’s not always bad either. Bad: feeling taking me into the kitchen at 1207am because I had a rough day. Good: Feeling that the Holy Spirit’s leading me to ask a certain question to one of my hospice patients. Nuetral: My feelings [and my muscles] have been leading me to the stuffed chair and to Netflix lately rather than the laptop to blog.

This isn’t a blog goodbye or a confession of slackage. It’s just where I am lately.

So stay tuned. I have several drafts going at the moment [yes I’m an introvert and alway read what I post about 5 times.] that I think you might find interesting. Until then, enjoy the summer.