analog to digital

Do you still have cassettes in the basement? I do of course. Since we’re downsizing we’re going through all of our stuff. {Anyone want any paintball gear?} When I got to my tapes I just stopped. I’ve thined them out before, so I’m really down to the essentials of that time of my life.

Now to the point of this post. If you’re facing the same delema as I am, have no fear. Enter the Ion Tape Express. Its just like your old Walkman, but this bad boy plugs into your computer via USB. It has a headphone jack too, so if space isn’t an issue for you you can copy them to your iTunes library and go on early morning runs with The Thompson Twins.

Hope that was helpful.  Remember, you don’t give up on listening to The Top Gun Soundtrack again.  Happy listening.


UPDATE:  Found it a lot cheaper on Amazon…  LINK


4 thoughts on “analog to digital

  1. How on EARTH did you know that I have a drawer full of cassette tapes from (cough) a while back? LOL When I have the money AND these things are in stock, I’m gonna buy one! 😀

  2. Nice. Before I wrote this post I pictured a friend of mine in his torn sweats kneeling over a box of tapes.

  3. I totally need one of those for my NKOTB and Debbie Gibson tapes! 😉 What I really need is something to transfer all my VHS onto DVD.

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