coffee on the road

Most of you know that I’m a budding coffee snob.  This will salidify it for you.

A few weeks back I was hangin’ with Jen, kid free for the weekend.  [Thanks parental units.]  We “Pricelined” a room with a jacuzzi, etc, etc. and a coffee pot.  The coffee maker was one of those with a disposable tray with the coffee in it.  I was hoping the coffee making appuratuss would be a little bigger.  Adapt and overcome right?  I brought beans, a grinder and some filters, and a Gerber Multi-tool.  What you don’t bring that stuff on a road trip? I know, I know should have just brought the coffee maker.  Ok, I will next time.  So this time I ground the beans medium like normal for a automatic drip coffee maker.  I cut up a filter  put it in the little tray with some grounds and brewed.  We’ll it overflowed.  Lucky for me there was a tray underneath.  So I tried it again, not a mess but the coffee was bad.  So after some thought I came up with this.  I still used the tray, but I cut some holes in it so water would drip all over the grounds rather than just in the middle.  You want all the grounds to get wet.  Then I got inspiration from those single cup makers.  A filter sits ontop of the mug, like this one.  I took another paper cup and cut it into a ring.  Then I put the filter and the grounds in the cup, and then added the former cup turned ring on to hold the filter and grounds.  I placed it in the coffee maker and hit the one switch.

I know I nuts.  I went to the trouble of bringing beans and a grinder, I was going to use them.  I had beans, I didn’t wnat spend $4 on a cup of coffee if I had it back at the room.  Here’s the pictures I took of the experience.

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Glad to be home using the Chemex again.


One thought on “coffee on the road

  1. Obsession = what every artist deals with! Coffee is an art. My obsession is cooking meat on a flame. Of course I cannot bring my hardwood charcoals, thermometers, electric coil starter, utensils, rubs, marinades, cooler with select cuts of meat, and of course one of my Big Green Eggs, to a cookout – that would just be rude, but if I have to eat your chemically laced Ball Park frank, you should at least listen to my take on the “craft” of cooking meat. Um, is that lighter fluid in your hand? You’re dead to me!

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