an offering

So after our crazy week we got an offer on the house last night.  We countered this morning and they accepted.  Our equity is gone, but we’re free and clear.  In this market… In this state… We’ll take it!  Does anyone else see The Big Man’s handiwork happening?   It’s still contingent on inspections.  The good news is the buyer doesn’t have to sell a house.

So what’s next?  We’ll still have to stay here and save some money to make the actual move.  Jen of course will have to find work, and we’ll have to find a place in Seattle.  All of which take some time.  We’re not running westward yet.

I appreciate you’re prayers and support.  Please continue.  I’ll keep the updates coming.


2 thoughts on “an offering

  1. Wow. That’s awesome. I know about uncertainty and waiting for significant things to happen. Again, may the L-rd pave the way for you and your family. 😀

  2. It’s good to see the lord working your familys lives. Now its time to prepare for the journey.

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