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I’ll back track for a for a few sentences.  A lot of you know that I’ve been accepted to Mars Hill Graduate School to their Masters of Counseling Psychology program.  House on the market  X  .  Cash for truck, lodging, security deposits, breathing room to make a 2100 mile trip, ____.   Jobs in Seattle ___.  Lean-to to live in a Seattle park for $1200 a month ____.  Rent a truck _____.  Pack the truck ___.   Drive west ___.

So big news from 2501 Elliot St, Seattle this week.  Mars Hill Graduate School is changing its name to The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.  Here’s a page on their website. To be honest, it was a bit of a let down at first.  I think I like the old name  because I like telling people why places would name themselves Mars Hill.  The change is fitting and timely for the school given the mission and the ethos of the school.

Regardless what people think about the name, this marks a new era for the school.

Transitions can turn out to be exciting no matter how they were birthed.  I’m excited to be apart of a place that’s moving forward and striving to make themselves better at what they do.  “All ahead full.”


3 thoughts on “a new name

  1. Any further west and you will be in Russia. I know you can swim but it is a long way to the next Island

  2. Hi,
    I was in your interview group back in November. I’ve been following your blog…when you have the time to write, of course. I actually like the new name for the school better because even though I hadn’t even taken one class, when I would tell others where I was going, even I ended up having to tell them what Mars Hill Grad School was NOT. Oy.

    Since I already live just slightly north of Seattle, all I’ll have to do is commute in, which has its own challenges, but I’m sure having to plan for a full-on relocation must be daunting. May the L-rd pave the way for you in every area so that you can be settled in and ready to start classes in the Fall. I’m sure it’s going to come faster than we think.

    • Maya thanks for the comment, and following. I think its a good new name, I just expected something more creative. Its seems though that this just better describes what the school is about. Now we don’t have to have an intro on the name of our school, before we actually talk about why we chose Mar… I mean The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

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