driving on a sunny day

You ever notice something so clearly that it seems like a spot light is shinning on it?  That happened to me today.

As I was driving around today I noticed 7 different garages open.  These are places I drive by fairly often.  In all of them I noticed motorcycles parked there.  I could tell that they hadn’t been out yet this season.  How could I tell?  All 7 bikes were being used a shelves.  They had piles of things on them.  Seriously, all 7 looked like almost the same.   It was almost deja vu-ish.  Maybe it was a glitch in the Matrix.    So I thought it was weird of course. But as I kept noticing these bikes sitting there I got more and more irritated at I drove by each one.   Here’s a sample of things I said out loud to myself: “Why is that bike parked on a day like today?”;  “What are they thinking?”; “Buy a shelf and sell you bike to ME!”;  “Come on, not another one!”;  “What is going on around here?”

This drives me nuts because I have wanted another bike for about 10 years.  If I had a bike I would be riding from thaw to freeze.  If there wasn’t ice on the road I would be on the bike.  So it irks me that these bikes are sitting in garages when the weather is like it has been.  It gets me going even more that they’re stuff piled up on them.

So if I drove by your house today.  1. clean off your bike, have so respect!  2. give it to me, you could use the storage space.  3. At least let me barrow it from time to time.

So if you ride, think of me the next time you’re riding.  Be safe.