home espresso tip #1: flavored creamer latte

Not sure how many of you make your own espresso based beverages at home, but I thought I’d start to share some tips I’ve learned along the way.  Here’s one that I’ve recently discovered: The Flavored Creamer Latte.

If you like a flavored latte, why not use your favorite creamer?  If you buy creamer for your brewed coffee, you can use that instead of buying expensive syrups.  Don’t get me wrong a shot of Monin is great, but why keep it around all the time while you always keep creamer in your fridge.  I came across this when we were out of sauces and I was going to make a couple lattes for my wife and a friend.   Jen suggested that I try using the creamer.  So I gave is a whirl.  Through trial and overly-rich error I found that you should  use about 1/3 creamer to 2/3 milk  of whatever volume your steaming.  To me and Jen that was the best ratio.  So just to be clear use about  1 oz cream with 2 oz of milk.  I also noticed the more creamer the easier it is to scorch the mixture, which no one likes the taste of burnt creamer in their latte.

Our houses favorite brand of creamer is Inernational Delight.

So if you have a flavored creamer around for you brewed coffee give it a try with your latte next time.  Post a comment or message me with any questions.  Enjoy!