what are we doing?

I was just looking through what drafts I needed to post, and realized that I needed to wrap this one up and post it. I was recently catching up on blog posts in my Google Reader and I came across a post by my favorite Aussie blogger, Andrew Hamilton AKA Hamo.   Here is the post.  It was his reaction and interaction to the article Author: More teens becoming ‘fake’ Christians on CNN.com

It got my mind going about bit.   The years I’ve been in youth ministry there was this underliying attitude form some church parents that it was completely up to me to transition their children into spirtual adulthood.  Talk about younger generations “selling out” to culture… that might be a future post, hmmm… Anyway, it often seemed like a task to be checked if a student came to retreats, got baptized, and came to worship.   Definetly something to think about.

Here’s some questions running through my head: What Gospel vitamins are we infusing in our ministries?  What mediums are we using to connect and “…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…” Matthew 28?  [Loaded question, I think that the medium is the message.  That manner in which you teach also informs the learner, not just the content.]  What can we do to reform youth ministry/church in general one gathering at a time?


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  1. At my church (Mars Hill Bible church) we have made this problem our focus. We now have 5th-6th graders stay in worship service twice a month with parents so the parents can have a more involved influence in their 5th-6th grader life.

    Also at our yearly retreat for student ministries we talked about:
    1. How expectation has increased for youth starting in the 70s but support from adults has decreased. This is happening in schools, churches, and in the home.
    2. The youth live in their own underground world and only come up to the surface to perform for the adults. We are now focused on going down to their underground world and interacting with them in their world.

    We are hosting a conference on Feb. 5th that will talk more about this topic, anyone is welcomed, and here is the website: http://marshill.org/students/rrc/

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