November Update

I realize that this update is overdue.  Especially since my last post was a month ago and it was about my former phone. Many of you already know most of these details, but I’m guessing many more don’t.  So here’s a Bennett Family flyover.

My jobs:  I’m a Relief Chaplain for Lakeland Hospice.  Now that I’m off orientation I don’t have regular hours at this time.  This all depends on how high the census goes, or who has time off.  I’d like to take some on-call times, but I have to go with another chaplain to 4 deaths before I can do that.  I just finished orientation for a Patient Transporter position at Lakeland.  I’m one of the people you see pushing people around the hospital, and moving them from bed to cart. Its fun so far and the team is great.  There are a lot of interesting people you meet running  around the hosptial all day.

Jen also took a postion with Lakeland.  She starts in December on the Med/Oncology floor.  That’s the same floor that Hospice patients are admitted to.  Chances are we won’t be seeing each other there since she’s working nights, and I’ve gotta look after the kids.

Mars Hill Graduate School: Jen and I are going to Interview there tomorrow!  I’m going to see for myself.  I like what I see of the school, its method, and faculty.  I will also be checking some neighborhoods for good coffee and places to live.  Coffee, and schools being important factors of course.   I’ll have a follow up post about our trip.

Keep praying for our house to sell, and for the dominoes to fall.  Thanks for the support!  Wish me luck!


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