Goodbye Android

This may be my last post from an Android Phone for a while.  I’m downgrading to save some dough. Before I leave this blissful place I want to leave with some recomendations.

I was already using Gmail and Google apps so that was a pretty seemless transition there.  Although I will say there aren’t as many Android Google apps like I thought, being this is supposed to be Google’s thing.  ie Reader app from Google on the Market.

Here’s my fav’s:

Timeriffic:  This is an app mostly for switching your ringtone volume.   For instance if you know you have a weekly meeting at a certian time or day you can set your phone to vibrate and avoid an awkward moment.  [If you’re phone’s ever gone off in church, or in a meeting download this right now. 🙂 ]  The next level of this type of app is called Locale.  It’s a lot like this but it’s also GPS sensitive.  And it’s not free.

Sniper for Android:  This is one of the only apps I’ve bought.  It will seem pretty sudisitic to some of you, but I found it to be pretty fun.  It’s what it sounds like.  You camera acts as the scope and you try to “shoot” your friends as steathly as possible.  Then you send them the picture.  It can be a lot of fun!

JuiceDefender:  This really saved the battery on my Samsung Moment.  Seriously it double it!  It was a little buggy, but it was the free version.  If your struggling with the mobleness* of your mobile phone, go with JuiceDefender.

The Bible:  There’s a lot of Bible apps and versions out there.  My favorite was developed by  They tagged-teamed with  Lots of reading plans and resources with this app.  Runs really smooth too.  Oh, and you can turn the text and background to white on black and save your battery. Calorie Tracker app:  This app connects to your Daily Plate so you can track your calories as you eat them from your phone.  I didn’t like purchasing this one, but I did a better job tracking my calories than I had from a pc alone.

Moble Defense:  This App is great.  You can track your phone from a secure webside.  If you’ve lost it, you can send an alert that sounds like a Cobra car alarm.  You’d know what I’m talking about if your heard it.  You can also shut it down if you if it’s stolen, and still view it on GPS.  After you lock it it can’t be used. Even if the battery is taken out and replaced.  The best part is that once activated on their website, it’s completely invisible on your phone.

EasyTether:  You can plug in your phone to a your laptop and have internet access wherever you have a signal.  And it works with Android 2.1 and higher, which some tech blogs say can’t be done. You don’t have to do complicated coding on your phone, just follow the simple instructions and boom, you have internet in the middle of nowhere.  That is, if you want internet in the middle of nowhere. 🙂

There are tons of apps out there on the Android Market.  Most of them for free too!  The bad one’s you don’t have to keep because you bought them, just download another one for a testdrive.  I’ll someday return to the Android Universe.  Until then, good bye.

*Because of battery life your phone is always plugged in.  Thus it’s not very mobile.