doing my viral part

I heard about this from several people, just didn’t take the time to do it for a few days.  Which of course in 2010 puts you way behind the curve.  🙂

This is for Google Chrome users.  If you’re not using Chrome, download it now and let go of your sentimental attachments to IE and Firefox.  Chrome, is faster and you can forget about a search window.  You just type in your searchs in the address window.

This is a colaboration bewteen the Google Chrome team and the band Arcade Fire.  You go to the and type in your address growing up.  It works best if there’s good Google Maps Streetview.  After it loads, you’re part of the Arcade Fire music video.  Cool, yet a little creepy.

Here’s mine if you want to give it a test drive.

HT: Ryan Ricketts, Dan Deitrich, & Andy Dailey.