reconnecting with your roots

My family and I attended Pennway Church of God’s 100 Centennial Celebration a couple weekends ago. It was really good to see a lot of people from my childhood.   There were a few pastors that served there in the past that were able to attend: Bob Hazen, Sherrill Hayes, and Randy Bargerstock.  Pastor Hayes was my pastor for most of my childhood, so it was really good to connect with him.  I was able to catch up with a few of my youth counselors.  Some of them have worked with students since I was a couple years old.  A few are still working with students.  Talk about lifers, that’s awesome!  Hats off to you Dan “The Man” Quisenberry, Debbie “Gas in on the Right” Betterly, and Chuck “Taught me how to Saran Wrap a urinal” Bryde.  Hat tip to many of my Sunday school teachers I reconnected with.  A couple are still teaching kids!

This weekend was good timing for me.  Its a good idea, and often a natural reaction to check back with your hometown, or people from your childhood in times of transition.  It reminds you of your humble beginnings.  It reminds you of what you’e learned, even what you’re naturally skilled at.  I was reminded of those things.  When I talked to people that that have poured time and effort into my life, I was reminded of how important ministry is.  Not that I had forgotten. nonetheless it was good to stare that in face.  It was nice to get a few pep talks, and dream about the future.  It was nice to have another chunk of manna to nourish my soul.