Greenbelt, some day.

Greenbelt Festival is probably not on the radar of most of you who read this blog. Its worth taking a look though.  And its happening right now.    Its in Cheltenham, England.  That’s about 90 miles Northwest of London. It’s been around since the 70’s.  It’s always been more than music.  Here’s a quote of the History page.

The Sun newspaper billed that first festival at ‘The Nice People’s Pop Festival’, but perhaps it was more subversive than it appeared. In the 70s Greenbelt’s wholistic take ‘ Bible in one hand and newspaper in the other ‘ had a transforming impact on those attending. It was about a 24/7 faith, it was theology with ‘no-splits’, and it meant, as philosopher and Baptist cleric John Peck, put it, that Greenbelt should help people see ‘every area of life as moulded by the Gospel.’

Sounds like my kind of festival.  And throw in a trip to the UK, well ok you’ve twisted my arm.

Check it out: