August update

My blogging has slowed again I’m afraid.  Not because I’ve not been writing, I have tons of posts waiting for me to make them into full fledge, coheirent thoughts.

We’ve had a good summer so far, and looks like we’ll be able to finish strong whit a trip so a friends cottage, and a camp out with some friends over Labor Day.  Sorry to my Hoosier friends who already have kids in school.

NEWS FLASH: I was offered a job at lakeland Hospice as a relief chaplain!  Its not the amount of hours I was hoping for but it’s a foot in the door.  I’ll be applying for another job at Lakeland also.  I found out that the hours you work for Lakeland are pooled, and they all count toward benefits.  I’m starting to get traction there at least!

The house.  Not much to say about that.  Although there was a lady parked outfront on her phone this morning looking at the house and a piece of paper for about 10 minutes this morning. [Clasping hands to pray.]

I appreciate all the prayers and support.  Please keep it up!