Some thoughts on a simple prayer I heard

The family and I visited Overflow Church last Sunday.  There was a prayer offered right before the teaching and they said “…Lord, ambush us with your love…”  I made some sort of audible grunt or mmm, that’s how much is struck me. The prayer was deeply sincere.

I must admit I had to pause my thoughts about this, so I started a draft of this post on my phone so I could listen to the teaching.

I got to thinking about the how God’s love is like an ambush.  So I had a picture in my head of some GI’s in jungle in Vietnam, waiting for an enemy patrol to walk right into their trap.  I watched a lot of Vietnam movies in the 90’s can you tell?  I think of ambush when I think of The Hurt Locker.  Anyway, a suprise attack.

Do attack and God’s love belong in the same sentence?  I’m not sure they do.  When I think of how much he loves me, and how he’s shown it to me throughout life I could probably use the word, “offensive,” or at least hard to swollow.  Maybe even unbearable or overwhelming.   In the Bible there are tons of examples how people reacted to the pure, holy presence of God.  They either died immediately, or they hit the deck burying their face in their hands!

So God, often waits on us.  He patiently waits for us to pass by, and BOOM!  He hits us with a volley of love.  We’re taken back by it.  Caught off guard.  Knocked off our feet. Sometimes our only resposne is paralysis.  All of these I’ve heard veterans say, by the way.

Good prayer.

“So Father, ambush us with your love.  Amen.”