Mid-July Update

I said I would keep you all in the loop as to how we’re doing.  And how plans are shaping up.  Here we are then.

As of now I’ve interviewed for a couple of jobs.  A few  stone cold “you’re over qualified” replies.  Have  something in the works that I’m actually qualified for, I’ll let you know how that goes.  Keep praying.

I’ve decided on Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle for my degree.  They speak my language, and I’m pickin’ up what they’re throwin’ down.  Even the degree descriptions inspired me.  What?  No other school I looked at did that.   The school itself is a huge factor, but the location is equally as important.  Not just because its a cool city.  Is that a good reason to uproot your family?  Nope.  Some of you that don’t know me that well have asked if the cool factor is the reason.  The coolness is a bonus to me.  God has something for me out there.  How do I know?  Well he spoke in a thousand whispers.  Hundreds of conversations with people over the last 2 years have pointed to me doing ministry out there.   So recently, I spent some time alone with God.  I asked him, “Lord, I’ve heard it from people in my life.  It makes sense in my head.  But you’ve got to tell me in my heart.  Should I go to Seattle?  Should I go to Mars Hill?  As I knelt there in silence for about 90 seconds, I saw “video clips” in my mind of me being taught by Dr. Dan Alender [a founding prof there]; talking to other students in a lounge setting; walking the streets of Seattle with someone, discipling them; a map of Seattle.  All of this in HD clarity.  Ask and you will receive.  He just wanted me to spend time with Him.  And he dwelt with me closely that day.

Our house is on the market.  And that is of course the biggest roadblock to moving forward.  Just to reiterate something, we’re not moving from St Joe right away.  We’re not going to have 2 houses to pay for,  just not wise when headed back to school.

You won’t be seeing us at First Church.  I love you dearly.  I miss you already.  But it just can’t happen.  One of the many layers to this is one you probably haven’t thought about.  This is one of the troubles with being a “Professional Christian.”  If I’m around, people will treat me the same, as if I’m still working at First Church, still the go-to guy for HS stuff.  I’ve gotten a couple calls from people asking me questions about the HS Ministry.  I haven’t darkened the door of FC or done the things I normally do, and people are still hitting me up.  I’m not mad, there just needs to be separation.

I’ll try to keep you posted when headline worthy things happen.  Thanks for your continued support and prayers.  They mean a lot to us.


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  1. Don’t stop seeking God, Randy! Remember that with God at some point it will require a leap of faith and not everything will add up at that moment. Keep putting God and family first and the path will reveal itself.

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