homecomings and new frontiers

My family and I went to Greenville [MI] to officiate a wedding of a former student of mine in the youth ministry there.

Great to see people!  We showed up for church Sunday, it was weird not having to rush home for Sunday.  Isai Calderone was there visiting from Guatemala.  It was great to see him and his family, BONUS!  I saw former students, volunteers, and others from the congregation.  I really enjoyed catching up.

It wasn’t the home it used to be, well it was.  I am not the person I used to be.  Not that I didn’t enjoy this weekend.  Can I say it was great one more time without you readers getting bored?  It was confirmation that I have been shaped/I am being shaped to do something new.  Not just a  new place, but something I haven’t done before.   I had contemplated returning to a small town and doing youth ministry again.  I may do youth ministry, that remains to be seen.  Not sure my place is in the institutional church anymore.  I don’t have my mind around that yet.  I’m sure I’ll unpack it more here as time goes on.  Again, school is the next clear step, so I’m doing that.

I’m glad for the opportunity to see old friends!  I’m glad to be able to reflect on where my roots are in ministry.  Those 5 years in Greenville were good for me.  They weren’t all easy, but they’ve helped to make me who I am.  For that I am grateful to the people there and the lessons I learned.

Here’s to homecomings and new frontiers.


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  1. So, from the last 2 posts, it looks like God is starting to make things clearer. . . . not sure how Abram could just take off and go to the land God was going to show him. . . . for us, it’s been a struggle because we always want to know the plan but we are learning to be willing to do the next thing God shows us . . . . So, we’ll be praying that God keeps making your next steps clear (and ours too).

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