Review: St. Charles Coffee House


I really liked this gem.  I have to say, I’m glad the first place that I Googled was out of business or I wouldn’t have found it.  My only regret was that I couldn’t linger there and talk to the owner. I was making a run for others at a family reunion, plus I had Levi with me.  Although when I mentioned “Too bad we don’t have some books, we could sit here and hang for a while.” He replied, “Good thing they have books here we could barrow.” [Which they did.] I would highly recommend anyone in the St. Louis area looking for a good cup of coffee and somewhere to hang to check out St. Charles Coffee House.

Levi with his chocolate milk

When I first started this journey of writing reviews I thought it would be local places, or perhaps places that I could go more than once. I’m finding out, that I want to share with people what I discover on my travels, albeit few and far between.  My MO in the beginning wasn’t that different than dating.  You go somewhere that most people like, and a time where there isn’t any obligations, or expectations. A first date for coffee or lunch means casual, it’s got a end, we’ve got other things to do with the day.  So my first date drink was a caramel latte.  If you can screw that up, I’m not coming back for a second date.  I’ve realized that I need to cut to the chase [just like in the this paragraph] and I jump straight away to my former second date beverage, a cappuccino.  Some would call it a traditional or dry cappuccino.  Equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam. What I drank was a beautifully crafted capp.

The building was this awesome stone
building. Something that you’d find in the Alps, like Vienna in the 20s.  If you don’t know, is the essence and epitome of a coffee house.  There was some mixed seating, cozy chairs and couches, with tables and chairs.  A fireplace accompanied the cozy seating.  There was even outside seating in a walled/fenced patio. The counter was a bar top, not a plain counter from Lowe’s.  The location wasn’t outstanding.  It wasn’t nestled in cool shops or on a downtown street.  Yet it was set on a side of a hill, which really helped the alpine feel.


We were  treated like guests to someone’s home from the second we opened the door.  Engaging, and light hearted conversation ensued.

A to-go lid "plug" I've only heard about but never experienced 'til now.

I will mention, the only faux pas is that the list of 5 drinks I gave him got screwed up somewhere between him repeating back to me what I ordered and what was made/written on the cups.  I would be capable of the same thing.  The taste of what was made was spot on, but it didn’t match the labels, and it just wasn’t what my wife wanted.  I hate disappointing her, especially with coffee because I can make her something she likes. I have a feeling though, I could have come back and it would have been made right.  There was no time for that; I was almost late for pictures as it were.  But I really must overlook this mix up, otherwise it was near perfect.

Again, I give St. Charles Coffee House 5 beans.  Check it out if you passing by St. Louis Missouri.