a review: The Book of Eli

I wanted to see this film on the big screen.  Didn’t make make unfortuanately.

Plot Overview: You find Eli [Denzel Washington] [Albert and Allen Hughes you had me at Denzel btw.]  a lonely traveler.  His backdrop is a post nuclear war world.  It’s a compelling story.  It’s compelling becasue he has a larger cause other than his own survival, like most post-nuke storylines.

The acting is great.  Helloooo?

The cinematography, so far it’s the best of the year!  HANDS DOWN!  It’s the best I’ve seen in years. We’re talking Last of the Mohicans or The Matrix good.  I really hope it’s fairs well with Ole Oscar.

My disclaimer:  It’s R.  It lives up to that for sure.  It’s brutal, but not gratuitously so.  Not like 300 where you go to bullet time when some makes a slash and blood flies everywhere in slow motion.  When there is violence Eli ends it quickly.  Seriously, one of the fight scenes was 15 seconds long.  10 guys, done.

Through the struggles and barren landscape Eli triumphs.  I would recommend this movie to adults who like gritty stories, Denzel Washington and graphic novels.  Will own this.