a manifesto for a new millennium

Ron Martoia has captivated my attention for a few years now.  I had heard of him about a year before he came to the General Assembly of the Church of God in Michigan as our speaker, what Fall of ’06?.  He really challenged our thinking.  In a way that I had longed to be challenged.  I wanted to be able to challenge fellow ChOGers but hadn’t been far enough in my thinking to be a guide of any sort. I still think I lack there.  Maybe I just need more time to ponder and write.  For the first time for a lot of people he was a inteligent voice for a new form of church.  He wasn’t the first they had heard in my opinion, just maybe the first one some respected.  See if you’ve never heard of him, or been around him he’s the hippest guy in the room.  Yet he’s probably the smartest guy in the room too.  He was both of those when came to challenge us in Lansing.  Sorry, the long intro is over now.

Ron has put lots and lots of time pondering our point in history.  What is the current cultural atmosphere?  What are the implications on the ways that we’ve done church in the West for 300 years?  How the cultural climate is  different than before, and why that requires a changed format for church/expressions of the Body of Christ.

Here is where Ron has landed after many years of thought:  The Transformational Trek Tribe Manifesto.  You can download it. Read it and chew on it.  I encourage you, if you’ve wondered “Is how we’re living as the church, is this really how Jesus intended for us to live a transformed life?” to mull Ron’s ideas over.    I won’t critique what Ron says at the moment, I just want to engage and wrestle with it first myself.  He may be on to something.  I hope some of you will wrestle and grapple with me.  I hope this gets your mind going.


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