Makin’ more memories


With the transision that’s taking place in my life I can’t help but think about a lot things. Going into this week of camp I know that this could be the last camp I’m a part of for a very long time, if ever again. That’s sad. Yet I’m thankful for the many years I have had here at Warner. [Oh, I can’t forget to pay my respects to D.S. Warner before I leave.] I started coming here as a camper in 1986 at age 10. I’ve been here almost every year since then as a camper, counselor or director.

So last night we were supposed to play capture the flag, but with the lighting we went to Plan B- an impromptu skit night. Which of course has been done many times before. I realized last night I’ve been doing “my”/Bob Nelson’s football player skit for 20 years now. [Has it really been that long since I was 14? My body on the 3rd day of camp says yes.] That was so much fun. And it was great to be able to do that skit one last time here.

Then the new memory making happened. When we wrapping up in the Trabernacle it was still downpouring. I took a look out the window and saw a small pond forming at the bottom of the hill. So I got on the mic and said, “I’m going to run and slide down the hill into the that puddle! Who’s with me!?!” So me and 3/4 of the campers and counselors slid down the hill at 11:38 last night. It. Was. Awesome! I was glad to share this type of expeience with a new generation of Warner Camp Campers.

What a great night!