Warner Camp, thoughts from High School Camp

I have to say, I love Warner Camp. I’ve made so many great memories here. Like the first time at camp that I heard a story around the camp fire and almost cried I was so scared. Then years later I found out that scary campfire stories are a tool that directors use to keep you inside at night. Well it worked that year!

Like the time that it was in the mid to low 50s at camp and I wore my one pair of jeans and a rugby shirt all week long.

Like the time I first played a worship song in front of people… and they joined in!

Like the first time I did my famous/infamous football player skit ad made everyone laugh. [BTW I ripped the skit off from]

There were a lot of firsts that’s for sure.

I always came to camp expecting something new. Which is funny to think about, since most of the years I went to camp we pretty much did the same things every year. I think it was really about meeting new people and knowing God in deeper ways. A lot of social learning happened for me at camp. I learned a lot about myself and others.

It’s these motivations (and more) that I’ve come back over the years to direct camps. I want to provide the same experiences to campers that others provided for me.

More to come this week…

What are your fond memories of camp?