ahhh… yaaaaa… school

The problem to me is that the are lots of great schools out there for counseling.  A few within range of a commute.  There has been a few that have floated to the top for me.  The dilemma I still face is to stay or leave.  Do I go to the place that it seems I’m being draw to? [Seattle]  Do I got to the school that I’ve looked at for a long time, [Fuller] but I don’t want to live there? [Pasadena].  Do I go to MSU, who’s Marriage and Family Therapy progam fits with AU’s Family Science program as if they were designed with each other in mind?  I haven’t even mentioned schools in Chicago yet.  Do I stay here and go to school in my basement? [Online.]  A plethora of programs.  Then there’s finances to consider.   Pray with me please.


2 thoughts on “ahhh… yaaaaa… school

  1. I’ve been praying for you … in a mostly unbiased manner. 🙂

    (Go Seahawks!)

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