“He wantsta take First!”

orginally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on May 17, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog.  Not sure how I expect anyone to read a blog of my if there’s nothing to read.  And shame on me, I love blogging shouldn’t let that fall to the side so often like I do.

My son Graeme is planing Rookie League baseball this year. [For 6 &7 years old.] They use a pitching machine. I have to admit that I’m not sure if they keep score yet.  He’s really decided that he would like soccer to be his sport.  We’ll have him taste test different sports as his interest arises while he’s young so he know’s what he really wants to do.  Not that he even has to play sports all the time.

Allow me paint you a picture.  It’s Wednesday.  It’s after the 3rd day of school and he get’s more cranky and whiny as the week goes on, like most of us do.  He had a late game Tuesday night, so he’s even more tired than the average week.  It was a fight to get him dressed and to his game because his heart really isn’t in baseball.  We were living the “gotta finish what you’ve started” speech that day.   Here’s where he makes me proud.

Graeme is at bat.  He takes a couple good swings.  The cuts was nice, just too late.  The fourth pitch hits him in the arm, above his left wrist.  In one motion he recoils his arms and drops the bat.  Hush falls over the spectators.  His coach kneels down and checks him out.  After a couple seconds, Coach stands back up and says “He wantsta take First!”  Both teams and sets of fans erupt in applause!  Graeme proudly trots to first base.  After the noise dies down I yell, “Rub some dirt on it!” Which is a family favorite of ours when the boys get hurt.

What a great moment.  I thought he was going to freak.  For a second when all was quiet I thought I could hear the air being sucked from the atmosphere before a melee of screams and tears.  But no.  My boy did me proud, toughed it out, and took his base.

I wonder what God thinks when we do things like this?  He’s not surprised of course.  I wonder when we do things that we think are unexpected, or things that surprise others, what its like for God?  I can only assume it’s like what I felt:  Intense joy and pride in my son’s actions.  I think God is our biggest fan.  When we’re playing we don’t always see him in the bleachers, but he’s always there cheering us on to “greatness.”  Which for him, must seem insignificant, but he loves us so much  and can see our hearts to know how much it matters to us. I hope as time goes on, I can see the minutia that I do for God in the same light he sees it.  In the the same light as I saw Graeme take first base.