ChOG in MI GA 2009 – 2

originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on November 9, 2009

This Post 2 on the Church of God in Michigan‘s General Assembly 2009.  Catch up on post 1.

Session II  with Brad Powell, Author of the book Change Your Church for Good: The Art of Sacred Cow Tipping.  I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on the long list.

In light of a reminder from Brad, I’m going to interact with what he said and post here.  The notes as I took them, which I’m sure are not comprehensive, are posted here.

The night started out with some inspiring music from Geoff Black from Clarkston and his team.  Thanks guys!

Brad started out cracking some jokes by being a “equal opportunity offender.”  My favorite was that if he would have written the 5 Love Languages, it would have been 6.  He would add “trash talk.”

This session hung on the phrase “Change is a essential element of a healthy church.”

Here’s the biggest take aways for me:

We’ve attached the dilievery system of Truth to truth.  We think they’re inseparable.  They are to many.  I remember some of my first discussions about doing church different I got a lot of push-back from folks because they thought I was doing away with Truth.  I never have wanted to do that, I just want to find a better way to deliver it to a changed world.

Brad gave 4 Keys to Relevance.  [[Pause]]  4 years ago I was challenged by a guy at Catalyst.  He was pushing fro the church to be at the brink, the cusp of creative culture.  Should we not be?  Since we know the Creator of all things, shouldn’t that make us the most creative people on earth?  But instead we react, respond or knee-jerk to culture.  To me relevance is a bare minimum to reach people in the changed world.  Something that we’re lacking in.  [[Play]]  These keys I think will be helpful to bring a lot of us up to speed.

Environment:  architecture, dress, decor.  You probably can’t change your architecture, but you can certainly change your dress and decor.

Mood: Why would someone want to follow a depressing God?  Lighten up!

Style: visually, music, relational teaching vs authoritative.  For Brad I think he felt like he needed to pull an “Andy Stanley“: got the cafe table and the high chair and wears jeans and a sweet designer embroidered shirt.

Language: Not my natural language, but theirs.

Need:  What do your people need?

Hopefully these specifics will be helpful to you.

He also boilled the whole night down and recapped by saying

Revelation: Value/TruthRelevance: Conduit/Delivery System

A reminder that Jesus has to change us first, and then we can be part of the delivery system.  And when others join with us, then God can use them too.

One more post for this on the way.