ChOG in MI GA 2009 – 1

originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on November 7, 2009

I told myself I’d blog about the Church of God in Michigan‘s General Assembly this year.  It hasn’t turned out like I thought it would.  See, Jen [my wife] and I brought the boys with us so free time consists of time in the pool and jumping on the beds.  I should have taken this laptop down to the ballroom with me.  Any second now I’ll start blogging about GA.

This is the 90th GA of ChOG in MI.  It’s of course a mix of worship, teaching, storytelling, smaller conferences/discussions and business like it usually is.

This year’s speaker is Brad Powell.  He’s bringin’ it to us.  I’ll try to summarize rather than give you the play by play that I wrote in my Moleskin.  His direction for Session I was that Jesus isn’t in our churches.  Like in Revelation 3.20 He’s outside asking to be let in.  93% of churches in the US are declining or stagnant.  “The church is the hope of the world.  The problem: it’s not the hope of the world.”

We look at Israel in the Old Testiment with 20/20 vision but we don’t see our own situation.  That we’re the same as Israel.  We’re the Pharasees.

Jesus took on the dress, music, and put God’s ways to it.  He spoke the languaage.  If Jesus would have come down looking like Heaven we couldn’t ahve seen him, he would have blinded us.

Why did Isreal and the 7 churches in Revelation stop follwing?

1. There’s an Enemy: there IS an enemy!  Satan is killing the church.. yet he can’t, unless we let him.

2. Our Nature:  We think we’re good as we think we are.

3. We adopt culture’s philosophies and worldviews: We’re addopting the worlds worldviews and philosophies, rather than speaking the language.

Signs that Jesus is not in full control

1.Selfishness.  What Jesus selfish? Loving wrong things.

2. Disobedience: we do what we want.  Doing wrong things.

When the church isn’t working right, its a spiritual issue.

Thanks Brad!

I’ll post Session II tomorrow with Session III.