Coffee Review: The Phoenix

originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on September 23, 2009

I figured that I better write this review soon before I get way too bias. It will probably sound like I am bias already, but I’m really not attached yet.  Since the closing Bear Naked Beanery I’ve been coming to The Phoenix in Benton Harbor. I’m not aware of a website of their own yet.

Overall: Nice location, great food, great cofee, great people.

Coffee:  First of all they use Intellagensia beans.  Straight away, they have a leg up.  I have not had a bad cup of coffee there.  I’ve had esspresso, capacinos, brewed, but different people and they’ve all been spot on!

Vibe:  Hip location.  They’re located in the Arts district of Benton Habor.  Life is slowly being breathed back to downtown. I would consider the genre reclaimed urban if a label would help some of you.  The seating is good, inside and outside.  I wouldn’t have chosen the tables and chairs they have, but they took over after the original manegment and changed the name. [Not really sure the story, see I’m not attached yet.]  I wouldn’t go and buy new stuff either if I rebooted a shop.  They have great art hanging on the walls, plus some sculpture.  They also have a brick wall showing, well done!  They usually play good music too.  Although sometimes its way too loud to talk or think.  I’d still give Vibe 4 Beans.

Hospitality:  The staff there is great!  Freindly and welcoming.  If you’re eating there they’ll bring you your beverage and food.  Sometimes it takes a while to get your food, but thats the ball game when everything is made in house and fresh.  ‘Nough said.

Bias Meter:

note: there were no coffee beans hurt in the production of this blog.