“coincidence, I think not.”

originally posted on  Uncommon Brew 1.0 September 1, 2009.

I came across this saying in a ministry [called Visions] I was involved with in Lansing, starting my senior year of high school.  We’d here these stories about people “randomly” meeting, or crazy things coming together “out of thin air.”  The more you pray, the more you see God at work in the world around you.

So yesterday I had my lunch call and ask to reschedule to today.  No prob.  So I texted my buddy Aaron, who asked me to have lunch or coffee about a month ago and kept forgetting to call him.  he told me he worked until 3, and I said awh man, I can’t do it after 3 because I had a couple meetings at ChOG in MI offices in Lansing.  Aaron tells me that he had some business in Lansing and he was gonna try to see a friend while there.   So I was like, he want to grab some coffee at Biggby on the south side?  “Sure” he says. Then he tells me “Not sure why I’m in Lansing, I got no business and my friend cancelled on me.”

Meeting. Meeting. Text.

Aaron was at the wrong side of Lansing, but we were about the same distance from the I-96/I-69 spit. He grabbed some coffee for me since Biggby was closing and we both drove toward St Joe.  He calls me when he hits I-69, and I was about 1/4 mile ahead of him.  We pull off at Lansing Rd, exit 70, where there’s nothing.  We drank our coffee and chatted on the off-ramp. A few minutes in, I hear some bushes russeling and twigs cracking.  As the noises continued I could make out a shiloute of a man.  I’m thinkin’ “oh, man it’s some crazy red neck with a shot gun”.  So I said my peace with God and had 911 ready to dial on my phone.   The man makes it to the fence, and over it and says “ahhh… I know this awkard [which I cracked up at, great opener man!]  but I was fishing and my car and my phone died, can you help me?”  We introduce ourselves to Tony and Aaron passes him his phone. After a couple calls he gets no where, so Tony says “I have some wires in my car, I think I could make it work for jummer cables.  So we ran him back there to Lake Interstate.  [Some brainiac named it.  Lake + Interstate = “Lake Interstate.” ]  He thanks us profussly, and gives us a “homie hug,” ya know, a hand shake, chest bump and a hug/slap on the back combined.  I gave him my card and said “Not sure why you’d ever need this, but…”  Which he replied “After tonight, I’m takin’ it!  Who knows?”

May God continue to speak, and work in your life Tony. Wherever you are. And I hope that catfish you caught tasted good.

Anyone still wondering why Aaron was in Lansing the same time I was?