The Snowy Mountain Range Chronicles – Part 5

originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on August 2, 2009

Part 5 – Off the trail/ The Icing for me!

So we all converged back at basecamp.  We had a good meal together sharing some of our stories.  After that we gathered for worship, and our spiritually meaty stories.  It was intense worship, which I was excited for the students to experience that.  That was the most intense worship some of them had ever been a part of.  The Spirit of God fell on us like a blanket.  There was a group of girls lead by Jody Williams and Heidi Heald that began to spew forth joy and excitement, then they started to tell us why.  Mia Heald’s knee wouldn’t straighten out when she would try to relax it.  The girls prayed for it, and it will lay flat now.  She was supposed to have surgery on it when we got back, no need now.  Jody had a bad thumb from a previous injury.  It had given her pain for years, and it was noticeable to anyone who knew her for any length of time.  They prayed, and her thumb is normal now.  Alecia Eichberg had flat feet and her parents tried to talk her out of the trip, which would have been smart.  They prayed for her feet, and now she has arches!!!  Glory to God!  So we finished up worship and story telling then capped it off with s’mores.  Meanwhile back at our campsite the group of other guys were ransacking our camp in retaliation for us mercifully moving their bags.  [Some of our guys wanted us to poop all over their camp, good thing we talked them out of that huh?]  We get back from that joyous worship time…. and there are stuff is strewn all over the place.  I was really upset!!!  I was upset because our group had our joy stolen, and we’re still here!!! We’re not even home yet.  There’s usually plenty of opportunity for that when you get home, I didn’t bring these kids 1000 miles to come home with no joy!!!!  Luckily our guides had their heads on straighter than I.  So as a group we came up with at solution:  Walk over there and preemptively forgive them.  So we gathered our stuff as best we could in the dark and laid all our bags out together and slept under the stars.  About 10 seconds after I zipped up my bag a huge shooting star went right across the sky in front of us!  We all involuntarily yelled in unison “Whoaaa!”

So I wake up the next morning, and my back and hips are killing me.  I was up at sunrise but I just laid there to try to get some more rest but it hurt too bad to go back to sleep.  As I was sitting up when Jesse’s alarm when off I felt God telling me that I should have that group of girls pray for my back.  So we broke camp, sorted our stuff and then headed for breakfast.  I told one of the ladies that God told me to have them pray for my back.  Jimmy one of their guides asked me “What’s wrong with your back, was it injured?”  I said, well here’s the deal.  I was born with one leg shorter than the other, which caused my hips to be misaligned, and caused scoliosis and neck trouble.”  With his eyebrows raised Jimmy said “Ok then.”  I took off my boots, which then turned into a footwashing service because my feet smelled so bad.  As they prayed for me, my leg felt warm and it felt like someone was pulling on my leg.  I looked and only finger tips were touching me, no one was pulling.  When they were done, it sure as heck looked like my legs were even length!!!  I stood and it felt weird, I’ve always had a lean.  They asked me how that felt, and I said good but my hips still really hurt.  So they prayed for my hips and my upper back and my neck.  My spine felt warm.  As they were praying my hips moved!!!  Ever since they prayed my spine has continued to readjust it’s self!!!  They asked me what I saw and I said I see a shower of love on me.  I also saw a skeleton in a biology classroom, a normal one, not some freak show like I used to have.  Also while they were praying I heard God say, I’m doing this because I love you. I don’t know if you noticed this about me, but I’ve always had a little limp.  I call it a slight gangsta limp.  I don’t limp anymore! I have gotten out of bed with ease.  I have sat for long periods of time, I’ve stood for long periods of time, without pain!!!! “…Glory to God  Glory to God, Glory to God forever.  Take my life and let it be, all for you and for your glory, take my life and let it be yours…”  I WILL be singing that in church someday soon.

So for me that was obviously a great experience.  I just felt God saying, “I want something better for you, I love you son.”  If you ever need a reason to believe in God.  Call me.  If you ever need a reason to tell your friends for the hope that you have, call me I have plenty to go around.

To be continued…