The Snowy Mountain Range Chronicles – Part 4

originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on  August 1, 2009

Part 4 – Solo night

So we hiked to this beautiful lake. [Sucker Lake] It was awesome!  So the guides faked us out and had us set up camp, then they had us set the HS guys up with a some lake front real estate of their own.  They were going to spend the night in the woods by them selves.  We let them chill for a couple hours then brought them dinner.  her’s where my funnest, most in my niche part of the trip happened for me.  I have food to half the guys on the lake.  Why I gave them dinner I prayed with them and asked if there was anything they needed to talk about. After I had given my guys their food, I continued around the rest of the lake to the other guys that Matt Deitrich gave chow to.  I loved it!!!  When I was talking to Ryan Teich a bat hit my head like 10 times.  But I didn’t want to raise an alarm because he wasn’t sure about this whole thing, and had lost his flashlight earlier in the trip.  Some guys just let pray how I felt lead to, but others really had some heavy burdens, and it was my pleasure to help them all.   When we I finally got back to camp the leaders and the guides broke out some jerky, chocolate and IBC root beer that had been in a snow bank while I was circling the lake.  Matt Haggerty and I slept next to each other and watched the stars.  It was a great night.  The next morning we broke camp and met the truck at the pick up.  We called it the LZ, as if were in the infantry.

to be continued…