The Snowy Mountain Range Chronicles – Part 3

originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on July 31, 2009

Part 3 – the meat/ peak day

On peak day we got up at 3.  I have seen the late side of 3am way more times than I’ve see the early side, just to let you know.  We got up and trekked to the other guys camp to do some hijinks.  We decided to just let them know that we were there and we could have done something bad if we wanted to, but instead we just moved their packs. [Like David and Saul.]  On the way to their camp though, I couldn’t keep up.  The tortilla soup from the night before was not agreeing with me and didn’t know what end it was going to come out of.  I stopped about 15 times to throw up, but I couldn’t.  It got so bad that I couldn’t even ask God for help.  I had nothing else to give, but I just kept going.  Our guide James prayed for me when I was gonna puke and from that point I could ask God for help.  From the guys camp we back tracked and headed up the mountain.  I took it slow and kept one foot infront of the other.  As we got higher and higher, all I could say was “Glory to God.” Of course that song came to my head and I sang it when I stopped for a rest. [Glory to God by Steve Fee] Closer to the top we all grabbed football size rocks and we carried them up to the top.  When we got there we all threw them off!  [Paul “When I became a man.”]  When I got to the top I didn’t experience the elation the other guys did, I knew I had to get down.  We took a rest and some pictures.  The guides brought us together and whipped out some sparkling grape juice.  We all took turns toasting!  When I had caught up on breathing, and didn’t think I was going to die, we headed back down.  One the way back to camp Jesse, Johnny Schweir and I saw and elk in the woods, that was cool.  When we got back to camp we took a nap until lunch.  After lunch we played “no running whiffle ball.”  It’s a lot like homerun derby.  We had a fire that night and a few guys slept out under the stars.  It was a good day.