The Snowy Mountain Range Chronicles – Part 2

originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on July 31, 2009

Part 2 – food and facilities and bodily functions
We got up not too long after sun rise each day.  I only got about 4 good hours of sound sleep each night because my back hurt so bad.  Bringing my own sleeping mat didn’t even occur to me. I don’t know how I spaced on that one! Man that was silly.  Oh well I lived.  “Packs on in 5”  Ok I guess I should finish packing up my crap.  Speaking of that in the literal sense.  I’m sure some of you are wondering what type of “bathroom facilities” we had.  We employed the BIFF method.  Bathroom In the Forrest Floor.  That’s right, dig a hole and drop a load.  Do a courtsey sprinkle of dirt for the next guy and return the shovel to the center of camp.  The shovel was the hall pass and the occupado sign so you wouldn’t stumble upon your brethren using the BIFF.  So would get up have breakfast, break camp, tell a life story then packs on.  We’d hike for a while stop for lunch, and a life story then we were on our way til dinner.  We’d often have free time before dinner so I’d journal or make my rounds and check in with everybody.
Another favorite pass-time was fart tennis.  It’s just like it sounds.  You fart, you say someone’s name and that’s your service.  They can volley back, or you can fart after a minute to score. That occupied 90% of the trip for my group.  We even stepped it up a level and played doubles at one point.  We’re really glad that James suggested we play that along the way.
Some of you I’m sure are wondering about the fuel for such a game.  We ate really well!  I was expecting dehydrated backpacker food like I’ve always taken on the trail.  There wasn’t much of that.  We had quesadilla, PB & J burrittos, Bean Burrito’s, Stir Fry, bagel pizzas, and jambalaya.  Tortillas are an obvious choice since they’re already flat.  We also had a lot of Ramen.  Mornings we had hot chocolate, oatmeal or cereal with dried milk.

to be continued…