praxis or not to praxis?

Originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on May 13, 2009

I had a professor at Anderson named Willard Reed.  [I know a lot of my cohorts on Facebook had him too.]  He taught philosophy classes.  Most people that took his classes were afraid of him at some point, if not the whole time.  He called everyone by there last name.  When you were absent from a class  you had to get up in front of class and say “I’m sorry for missing class and depriving you of my contribution.”  Didn’t matter if you Mom died, you had to say that.  He was usually gruff, and seemed to have telepathy. One of my break through’s with him was when I read a paper out loud to the class.  It was on the philosophical beginnings of phyclology.  Where in it I plainly stated that Freud was an idiot because he was trying to apply reason to God, who is outside of reason which we had discussed a class session prior to me writing the paper.  Here’s Reed’s response to me, en total “So Bennett, Freud’s an idiot huh? [pause]  You’re right! Next paper!”  Another breakthrough was when he basically called, my then girlfriend [My wife Jen] a whore and a floozy.  So next class I volunteered to read my Protocol [a journal reflection from the previous class]  and let him have it.  [Incidentally he apologized.]

What struck me the most about Dr. Reed was that he shaped his classes with what he thought really worked philosophically.  I remember studying Montainge [sp?]  and how he said “True learning happens in the midst of true discussion.”  (I know I butchered that, it’s been a while since I cracked open that volume.)  After reflecting on my tenure in Reed curricula I realized that was precisely what he had in mind in the way that structured his classes.

So the thought runs through my head: “How much of my life do really shape with what I know and believe?” At first glance I think “Man, I would hope I put into practice what I believe.”  I know that drinking more water is good for me, and I can guzzle it too.  So what’s stopping my really?  I know that I can accomplish things I set out to do, but do I?  Am I too afraid to start in the first place?  I seems to me that I’m not the only one that gets tossed around by the world.  Some of us, not just tossed, some of us shackled.  I see a lot of slaves.  Slaves to work. Slaves to technology. Slaves to speed.  Slaves to power.  Slaves to bling.  Slaves to ______.  We can only serve one master at a time.  [Matthew 6Luke 16.  Jesus was talking about money, but the concept applies to all of these I think.]

I just wonder if we stopped and reflected on our days more often, if that would let us live how we know we can – Free.  Jesus, embodiment of Truth has set us free.  Live free!

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