movement 2

originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on 4.7.09

This is the second thought about movement.  [Find the first here.]  Where do we move?

When I was in middle school I was helping my Grandma with something under her house.  The house was built-in the 1860s, so it was crusty.  In certain ways I’ve always been a risk taker, other ways I’m not.  But for some reason this day I really wasn’t up to the task Grandma need help with.  Now I’ll be honest I don’t remember what the problem was, just that I had to go under her house. Some of her plumbing was where I had to go, some was in her partial basement.  I know there was plumbing down there, but as a 14 year old I wasn’t much of a plumber.  (I’m not much of one now, although I can sweat pipe and snake a drain. ) [Laugh away you union guys!  Not sure why I said that, I don’t think I have a huge plumber following.]  Anyway, I didn’t know what I was going to find under there.  Could have been a busted pipe or valve, that wasn’t what concerned me.  I didn’t want to run into an angry varmint, like a rat, a wood chuck, or a black widow. [PS we killed a black widow in her basement before.]  So it wasn’t the actual work that I was afraid of it was environment, or what I thought I would encounter in that environment.

I’m wondering if that’s why we don’t go certain places.

I was backpacking on South Manitou Island.  They have a Life-Saving Service museum there.  It was interesting reading about the history and the methods of the Service.  There were many shipwrecks around South Manitou, so the service was in great need.  There were a lot of life-savers lost there.  Most of them gave their lives to save others that were drowning, or were going to be overcome by the elements.  The key to life-saving?  Getting in the frigid, turbulent water.

Jesus ate with sinners. [Mark 2:13-17, just to name one.] He went to some crusty places.  A tax collectors house?  In his day that was a no no.  Yet he often invited himself to go to those places.

What are the reasons that we don’t go places?  When we’re invited to party at a coworkers place or favorite hangout; or to play Xbox by a team mate, we don’t go.  Is it because people like me [pastoral types] have told you not to go?  I think that’s part of it yes.  [This may become a post of it’s own.]  But I think the bigger issue is that we think that we’ll get dirty, or die from a spiritual black widow bite.  Be put our foot in the water and it’s too cold.  Who will talk to that coworker or team mate about Jesus if I don’t?  But we don’t risk it because we know that we’re not that much different than our friend.  We could drown. We could fall.  We could screw up, and need fixing.  But, don’t we all already need fixing?  Haven’t we acknowledged our brokenness to Jesus and asked for wholeness?  Who else will fix the plumbing?  Who else will save those lost at sea? We don’t go because we’re afraid to get dirty.  We don’t because we’re afraid we’ll get bitten.  We’re afraid of the water.

[We’ve been washed clean.  We’ve been given the antidote.  We’ve been rescued.]

Who’s going to crusty places with me?