Happy Resurrection!

originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on 4.7.09

So Easter is coming this Sunday.  Its the biggest day of the Christian calendar.  [Some of you may argue that Christmas is.  Which came first the savior or the babe, right?]  Anyway, thats not where I’m going with this.

Selfishness, and lack of persepctive is where I’m going.

I am an only child.  One would think that as adults you could get beyond something form your childhood.  Through therapy and other means I’ve worked through most of my childhood issues.  I know that a lot people haven’t.  I think I’m being slightly childish about something…  It’s my birthday Sunday.  That’s right, Easter Sunday is my birthday.  Jesus, you couldn’t choose another day to conquer death?  Birthday’s most of my life I’ve been the center of attention.  I don’t like camera hogs, or people that self promote all the time.  So I don’t like grabbing the spotlight normally.  But one day a year, it’s my day.  As I’ve gotten older, birthday’s aren’t as big as they used to be, for better or worse.  I really don’t care if people make a big deal or if I get a party or presents anymore. I just want people to remember that it’s my birthday.  [Thanks Facebook, and calendar reminders!]

Perspective.  I just need to have perspective.  This has nothing to do with me.  It wasn’t planned to ruin my day.  It just is. I am not the center of the universe.  This is much like a lot of life isn’t it?   We get upset over the little things.  We are celebrating that Jesus rose from the dead this Sunday.  On Good Friday He died for us.  And it bothers me that my Birthday falls on Easter.  We get upset when we catch all the red lights between home and work.  We get upset because there’s always a price check in front of us at the store.  If we would put away the pity party favors, and stop embracing our whinny attitudes, we could see the more important things in life.

Jesus, since you were willing to give your life for me, I give you my Birthday.    This is your day. Its seriously the least thing I could do.  Its not even close to an even trade I acknowledge that.  But, we’re talking about Grace anyway right? So the next time you catch a light, or the lady in front of you in line is having trouble with her food stamps, thank God for what you have;  for what he’s done in your life.

Have a great Easter!