Originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 2.6.09

I’ve been thinking lately how people move through life.  Some go through life like a linebacker (no offence Johnny). Some people glide like an eagle. Some like a shark. Still others like a three toed sloth. I’m not picking on anyone or any animals. I’m not going to go into long analogies about how we’re like animals. I’m just thinking that there are tons of ways that we naturally are. Mix that together with the culture, our belief’s, the pace we live and it can change how you move.

I think that we must move at a pace that we can be attentive to God’s voice. Attentive to who is around us. How can God use us for good in the world? Who should we talk to? Should I slow down or speed up? The Holy Spirit is often like radar, telling if we should act or should we maintain our heading. To me the biggest factor in the pace of our life is our awareness of it.

Apart from pace there’s also the force at which you move. Now of course the faster you go the more momentum you have and the more impact you will make. Which depending on the situation you’re in that could be bad or good. If you’re tapped into the Holy Spirit’s voice you’ll know at what strength to ram, or slow up and comfort gently.

And more often than we do, it’s important to for us not to move. To listen, to God, to someone who needs us. To rest. To observe so you can see where your next move should be.

Oh and where we move, that could be a different post all together. I’ll stop and check the radar… That’s still brewing. More later.

So pace + awareness = God’s opportunity to use your life.