Smells Like Teen Spirit 2

originally posted on Uncommon Brew 1.0 on November 11, 2009

My friend Dave offered up another thought on smell.  He heard this undercover cop talk about how he was so successfull for years.  He got dressed in old clothes and rubbed dirt all over himself.  Sometimes he’d even put dog poop on himself, just to be a convincing junkie.  Now that is commitment!

This makes me wonder.  To what lengths are we trying to smell like the lost?  To be one of them.  I’m not talking about compromising, although I’m sure some will see it that way.  Thats because they’ve married the method and the Truth.  The Truth isn’t married to any single method, sorry to break it to you.  Jesus fully engaged the culture in which he came.  He was completely a Jewish man in the 1st century.  Are you immersed in the world, or do you have you Christian forcefield still on?  Turn it off.  Jump into some new skin like Jesus did. See ya around the neighborhood.